Audio Recordings for

Understanding Trauma and Dissociation

One of the worst myths about trauma in our culture today is that “you’ll never get over it, so you have to learn to live with it.” That’s simply not true. Even the most severe traumas can be healed. 

Fortunately, there are excellent tools that can help therapists and survivors work effectively with trauma, so it no longer controls how a person thinks, feels or behaves in the present day. The memory is still there, but that’s all it is–a memory.

Based on her book Understanding Trauma and Dissociation, Dr. Karjala is creating audio recordings and online courses to teach these tools to both practitioners and their clients.




The Quintessential Safe Place (for DID)

The Quintessential Safe Place is a powerful guided imagery that will help you contain and store traumatic thoughts, feelings and memories.

Many people have suggested the idea of a “safe place,” but this is not an ordinary safe place. 

The Quintessential Safe Place has several unique features, and each element is designed to provide specific therapeutic benefits. For example, it has layers and layers of containment. The more traumatic material you safely contain, the more you’re able to function smoothly in your everyday life. The containment also makes it easier to find the traumatic memories when you’re ready to work on them. 

Another special aspect of the Quintessential Safe Place is that it’s always the present day. When you go there, you are in the present, not stuck in a moment in the past–in other words, you’re not in flashback. 

This guided imagery is an essential tool for healing deep trauma. 



Format: Audio, Guided Imagery

Intended For: People with DID or dissociative tendencies (and their therapists) 

Duration: 20 minutes

Narrator: Dr. Lynn Karjala





Advanced Tools for the Quintessential Safe Place (for DID)

This set of tools will greatly enhance the functionality of the Quintessential Safe Place. 

The Globe of Light is perhaps the most important application to use with the Quintessential Safe Place. One of the elements of the Safe Place is the vault–a place to store trauma memories until you’re ready to deal with them. But how do you get the memories into the vault? The answer is the Globe of Light. The more trauma memories you contain in the vault, they fewer flashbacks you’ll have. This technique also allows you to free your parts from they traumas they’ve been stuck in. Even before you’re ready to actually process the memories, effective containment can provide significant stabilization in your inner and outer life. In addition, finding that you can control your inner life, that you no longer have to be at the mercy of unpredictable emotional storms, can be a profoundly healing experience in itself.

The Globe of Light recording also includes another very helpful tool in conjunction with the globe–the Light Net. You can use the net to make sure that all of the parts involved in a trauma memory are taken into the Safe Place at the same time. It also gathers all elements of a memory so they can be stored together in the vault.

Sometimes we’re anxious about something in the present day, and there’s nothing constructive that can be done about it at the moment, but we just can’t seem to let it go. A classic example is when you’ve had a medical test, and the results won’t be back for a week. There’s absolutely no positive purpose served by stewing about it. Fortunately, there’s a tool that can help with this: the Containment Box. Instead of ruminating about what’s making you anxious, the Containment Box allows you to put it in temporary storage until the time is right to take positive, constructive action about the situation.

The Silver Screen is an elegant and versatile tool that can be used for more than one purpose. If you have DID, one very important use of the silver screen is unblending. If you’re the core, you can use it to unblend from parts, and parts can use it to unblend from each other. Another powerful way the silver screen can be used is to clear out “psychic crud,” especially the crud we’re carrying for other people.

All four tools are included in this set.



Format: Audio, Guided Imagery

Intended For: People with DID or dissociative tendencies (and their therapists) 

Duration: 20 minutes total

Narrator: Dr. Lynn Karjala





The Psychic Shield

The Psychic Shield can be helpful for everyone, but it’s especially important if you’re a person who tends to take in other people’s energy. The shield will allow positive energy to flow through freely and at the same time will help to protect you from the negative energy around you.



Format: Audio, Guided Imagery

Intended For: Everyone 

Duration: 8 minutes 

Narrator: Dr. Lynn Karjala